Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions Boot: This application aims to link the service provider to the user who wants the service, where the customer requests the service and clarifies all the details through the application and then the request reaches the service provider to provide the service remotely or the service provider visits the customer’s headquarters to provide the agreed service. By using the application, the user agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned on this page or in any other part of the application, knowing that these conditions are subject to change or amendment at any time without notice, therefore the conditions must be reviewed periodically and the continued use of the application after publishing any amendments means that Approve it. Definitions: 1- In this Agreement, it is intended: (Service Provider) The expert providing the service. (The customer) is the applicant and the beneficiary. (User) The user of the application who wishes to take advantage of the service providers. (Service) The work performed by the service provider for the beneficiary. (Application) The Experto app and its management. Intellectual property rights: 2- All content in this application, including images, graphics, figures, models, etc., is the property of the Experto app. Controls, obligations and declarations: 3- Subscribing to the application is free, and does not impose any fees related to it. 4- The user must provide the application with all the required information and documents, acknowledge their validity and bear responsibility if proven otherwise. 5- The payment process is done by electronic payment through the service of payment, credit card payment, or direct payment from the user to the service provider. The application does not bear any responsibility other than providing the payment mechanism. 6- The user has the right to evaluate the performance of the service provider and comment on it, and for the application to publish this evaluation and comment in a manner that does not violate public morals and regulations. 7- The application has the right to remove negative reviews and comments if the service provider proves that they have avoided them. 8- The user account is sufficient for any legal requirements regarding notices and notifications between him and the application or between him and the service provider, and if one of them changes any of his related data, he is obliged to notify the other (in writing - or through the application) immediately after the change, otherwise notifications are considered to The old account data is effective against it. 9- The application can verify the proper functioning of its services, including viewing messages between the customer and the service provider. 10 - The user acknowledges knowing that his use of any of the services provided through the portal may result in the cancellation of the guarantee for the devices performing the service. 11- The user acknowledges knowing that the service providers through the portal do not use the original Apple spare parts and disclaim the responsibility of the application for any damages that result from that. the responsibility: 12- The application does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the service provided and disclaims responsibility for it. 13- The application is not responsible for any damages arising from its use. 14- The application is not responsible for any unsatisfactory action by the parties. 15 - The application is not responsible for any claim arising from the fault or negligence of the parties. Expiry of the contractual association: 16- The application’s relationship with the user ends when one of the conditions of this agreement is immediately violated. 17- The relationship of the application with the user ends based on the desire of the user or application to terminate it. Jurisdiction: 18- These terms and conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Sharia, and any dispute in which the application is a party to it, then the solution is amicable first. If the solution is not amicable, then the Saudi courts are competent to consider this dispute. 17- The relationship of the application with the user ends based on the desire of the user or application to terminate it. Cancellation of orders and return policy: 19- The request can be canceled before the service is under implementation or the service provider is on the way for the customer. 20- It is not possible to recover parts sold without factory defect after installation. 21- The money is returned within 72 hours of the cancellation request. 22- Money can be re-transferred when the order is canceled using the same method that was used for payment. Hardware warranty and repair: 23- Experto is an independent service company and is not affiliated in any way with Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and other brands. Trademarks: 24- Repairs or technical support provided by any service provider for the iOS devices is of high quality and not from Apple parts and can cancel the manufacturer's warranties. Expero does not bear any responsibility in the event of cancellation of the manufacturer's warranties, and each service provider will provide its own warranty on the parts and / or services performed. 25- “Experto”, the owned logos, and other words and logos in the application are either registered or not registered trademarks of Experto, and they are protected by the rights and laws of the ownership of other international and intellectual trademarks. Xperto trademarks may not be used for products or services outside of Xperto, or they may impair its value and reliability. All other non-proprietary trademarks that appear in the app are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by Experto.

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